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Abutilon x Suntense — 15 Comments

  1. First — your garden photos are amazing! I can’t imagine the work you put into making it look so magazine-ready.

    Now to the abutilon — I have never seen one like that before! The bloom color is so unusual and the quantity of them is stunning! I can see why it would burn itself out, smart of you to take cuttings to preserve it.

  2. Dear Alistair, The Abutilon was fully deserving of your words of praise……no, wordless would not have done it justice. As for me, as you may imagine……I can never be wordless……quite impossible!!

  3. Your Abutilon is exquisite. When you say fully hardy, how cold do you get? I’m in zone 6 in Michigan, USA which means usually no colder than -12 F.but it hasn’t gotten that cold in years. More like 0F. I found you by Google photo search.Beautiful garden.

    • Hi Val, In spite of me saying fully hardy I have in the post given information as to how it struggled to come through the severe Winter of 2010. We have been using Celsius temps over here for some time now, but I have it figured out. Our Winter is not as cold as yours and here on the coast plus 5f would be as cold as it would get, more likely to get temps of between +20/45 in Winter. However this would perhaps make you think we have glorious Summers, we don’t its usually anything between 56/70 we get an occasional burst of higher temps. In spite of my Abutilon still being in the land of the living I am off to change it to (Frost Hardy)

  4. Hello Alistair,
    How are you still getting on with this Abutilon? I wanted to try one up at Westhill but I fear it may be too cold. I wanted to try other borderline plants and shrubs like Desfontania, Embothryium and the Pineapple Broom but fear there isn’t enough warmth. Have you grown any of those? Great site by the way, very helpful.

    Many Thanks

    • Hi Bill, Our Abutilon has finally given up the ghost after performing well for many years. They are said to be short lived. I haven’t tried any of the plants you suggest. Sometimes its good to push the boundaries, prepare for failure though.

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